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Poker is a part of the card games family, betting and played individually where the winner is determined by the strength of the cards or the combinations in which they participate. Poker games vary in different forms, according to the number of cards dealt, "common" to all players and the number of cards face-down. The betting procedure is different for different types of games.

Where to Play in Sunny Beach?
Poker has gained popularity in the early twentieth century and has become a game of entertainment, practiced by a small group of enthusiasts in global sport, with many professionals and tournaments of the highest level. You can also be part of the poker community - the best place for poker in Sunny Beach - Casino Platinum!

People fond of this game often ask themselves this question and seek the best poker casino in Bulgaria.
Poker in Bulgaria is often played in a casino, whatever you can find in most major cities. The main advantage of the casino is that there fall into playable environment, and the entire staff of the casino works for you and strive to make your stay the best possible. In addition, casino games are organized by professionals. So you can be confident and assured that all the rules of the gaming table will be strictly adhered to. The casino creates a community of players who are there to play and have fun. This enables you to not only entertain, but also to watch the rest of the game and improve your skills. And the best place to play poker in Sunny Beach is Platinum Casino!

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