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Sunny Beach

Everybody connects dream summer vacation on the beach with their memories or stories of friends. In the minds of each of us appear waves, the warm caress of fine sand, gentle breeze and the night glow of a place I will never forget. For many of us this corner of the world named Sunny Beach.

A unique resort on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast - Sunny Beach is revealed to us.

Many hotels, attractions - from playgrounds, amusement parks to restaurants, bars and discos. Any entertainment, including those which world famous DJ glowing crowd on the beach. Sunny Beach attracts thousands of tourists from around the world.

Sunny Beach is the most famous, the largest and certainly the most memorable Bulgarian resort. Located about 35 km from Bourgas. The road from the big city is well maintained, expanded and is projected to become the coastal highway. Current conditions and vehicles allow for about 20-25 minutes to reach the resort it - from the city center, from the train station, bus station, airport Bourgas. This facilitates all modes of transport to and from the resort - air, road, train and bus. Bourgas Airport is among the sunniest in the world and charter flights are year-round.

What is needed in the seaside resort to compete with everyone else in the world - a wonderful beach, calm waters, entertainment for all ages. In Sunny Beach there is everything - a magnificent 8-km long beach, calm bay with smooth dunes, all categories of hotels and restaurants for different taste, aqua parks. Sunny Beach is the ideal destination for young and old.

Especially favored by young audiences, because of the numerous bars and nightclubs.

And at the same time - Sunny Beach is the place for a relaxed family holiday!

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