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Monster Flop

„Monster Flop“ promotion is valid for all No Limit Texas Hold`em cash tables. This excludes:
    - All tournament tables
    - All tables that play Omaha
    - Dealer Choice games will only apply if the hand that qualifies the player is Texas Hold`em Poker

Essence of the promotion

    In this promotion the player will receive a bonus if he has on the flop one of the following three combinations:
    - Four of Kind - €50
    - Straight flush - €250
    - Royal Flush - €500
    In case that more than one board is dealt in the hand promotion will be valid only for the first one, respectively, only for the first flop.
    All prizes from this promotion will be payed in bonus checks. More information about the bonus checks can be found in the special section which regulates how to use them or you can always ask the Poker room supervisor on duty.
    It is impossible to combine this promotion with any other active promotion in the poker room, that means player who fulfill more than one of the conditions of the promotion will be payed only the value of the highest promotion.
    In case that the game does not end with the flop, the player must continue the hand without showing his cards and when the hand is closed he can ask for his prize.
    The reconstruction of the hand is not possible, i.e. the Surveillance department has to revise the hand before collecting the cards.

    The Management reserves the right to verify the integrity of the deck and all available records of the Surveillance department.
    By participating, players agree in case of gain their names and their photos to be used to advertise the promotion without further compensations.
    The Management is not responsible for any mistakes or misunderstandings in our online or print advertisement.

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