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Bad Beat Jackpot

€ 52,940.
Basic rules

    „Bad Beat Jackpot“ promotion will be valid for all No Limit Texas Hold`em cash tables. This excludes:
    - All tournament tables
    - All tables that play Omaha
    - Dealer Choice games will only apply if the hand that qualifies the player is Texas Hold`em Poker

    To qualify a hand the following conditions must be met:
    - Commission (rake) must be taken from the hand and amount for accumulation of the jackpot as well.
    - All cards must be dealt to the end, all bets must be closed and Showdown must be done
    - Minimum Full of Aces over Kings or better hand to be beaten from better hand.
    - The two cards of the player, who wins the poker hand and the player who is beated must participate in the composing of the poker hand.
    Accumulation of the jackpot will be realized by taking one small blind from each pot which has reached 50 big blinds. Amounts collected from all tables will be added to the jackpot once a day, exactly at 19:00. After that jackpot of the day will be announced and it will be valid until new announcement is made on the next day. In case that all conditions are met the jackpot amount for the day will be allocated according to the following scheme:
    - The one who lost the hand will receive 40% of the amount
    - The winner will receive 20 %
    - 30% of the amount will be divided equally between all active players at all tables where promotion is in action
    - 10% will be separated for the new jackpot
    In case that more than one board is dealt in the hand the promotion will be valid only for the first one.
    It is forbidden for players to discus the possibility or probability in which hand is most likely the jackpot to be won until the hand is closed. Any discussion of this topic may disqualify the hand from the promotion and the jackpot will not be awarded.
    Players must play their hands independently. If a player involved directly or indirectly in the hand submit information or instruct other player how to act or reveal his cards the jackpot will not be awarded.
    The reconstruction of the hand is not possible, i.e. the Surveillance department has to revise the hand before collecting the cards.
    The Management reserves the right to verify the integrity of the deck and all available records of the Surveillance department.
    In case of proven secret agreement between the players the hand will be canceled.
    By participating, players agree in case of gain their names and their photos to be used to advertise the promotion without further compensations.
    The Management is not responsible for any mistakes or misunderstandings in our online or print advertisement.
Additional terms
    In case that the one who lost the hand shows:
    - Full of Aces over Kings – he must use two “pocket” cards and three from the board
    - Four of Kind – he must use a pair to create four of a kind, Jack and 3 Jacks from the board does not count
    - Straight or Royal Flush – the player must use both of his cards and three from the board
The rules apply for the winner as well.

    If the hand ends with more than two players meeting the above conditions:
    - For lost is considered the player with the second best hand
    - For winner is considered the player with the best hand
    - All others will participate in the distribution of the total share
    - If a player is sit out (on any table in the poker room) at the moment of the Showdown of the winning hand he does not participate in the jackpot sharing.
If a player leaves the table with his chips before the Showdown of the winning hand he does not participate in the jackpot sharing
    If a player has left the table but his chips are on the table and he has not missed a hand, i.e. he is not sit out during the Showdown of the winning hand he has the right of sharing the prize.

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